Redgate Coding Club 2020

Starting April 3, 2020, Redgate Software will be providing onine sessions for children 6 - 14 regarding basic computing and programming concepts. See their article on Medium for more details:

If you are interested in signing up, the Redgate team has provided a form to use to sign up your kids:

These online sessions will focus on the block-based Scratch programming language. No previous experience required! Scratch is a fun programming language where children can quickly see the fruits of their labor by animating characters on a screen. Scratch runs within a web browser, so any computer that can surf the web should be good enough to participate:

Lastly, Redgate will be utilizing a conferencing solution called Zoom to host these sessions. You should be able to participate from your web browser:

If you use a PC or Mac, the Zoom download page provides a method for installing the full Zoom client:

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