Family Email #2: Computer Project Updates!

Greetings, 4-H Families!

Please accept my sincerest apologies for the delay in communications with you! The last time I emailed was just before our way of life drastically changed. As I suspect with each of you, we all have added stress and complications. However, I have found enough of a new cadence in our current environment, and we will be pressing on with the Computer Project!

As you have heard by now, the Tippecanoe County 4-H Fair will occur this July, albeit in an unusual way. Fortunately for us, the Computer Project largely lends itself to be “virtual,” and we are actively working on ensuring that acceptance and judging of your entries will be a success. With that said, I have some updates and a few requests of all of you:

  • I have finally updated the Computer Project website. Please check it out:

    • Because we have gone without a Project Leader, I felt it necessary to write out my hopes and expectations for judging and how to prepare your entries. Please spend time reading this page carefully and contact me with any questions you might have.

    • I have tried to gather up some resources for each of the significant subject spaces within the Computer Project. Please note, this is NOT a comprehensive list. If you do not see your area of interest listed, do not assume it is not valid. This project is broad, and anything in computer science/technology goes! If you still find yourself unsure, please ask me!

  • At this point, we will hold Virtual Judging on July 13. We will be utilizing FairEntry to capture all of the deliverables. (See the Judging Information page mentioned above for details.) We are still working out how this will work. We appreciate your patience and will provide more information as we get closer to July! The date is also subject to change, but I will fight to keep it as-is as my judge and I are both available that day.

  • Since this portion of the fair is Virtual, I am researching ways that I can take your notebooks/portfolios and showcase them in an online format. I will be posting them to the Computer Project website. However, we are also pushing to ensure there are spaces on the 4-H website where they will showcase these entries. Please understand that we care deeply about showcasing what your youth have learned this Fair season and are eager to display and celebrate those accomplishments.

I have some questions for all of you. Please respond to me by the end of this Friday (6/5/2020). These questions will help me make plans for June and provide options for how we judge.

  1. Historically, these projects have been open-judged such that the youth can interact and demonstrate their entries with the judge. We CANNOT judge in person. However, if something like a Zoom meeting were available on the day of judging, would your youth be willing to interact with us via that channel? (And do would you as guardians allow such interactions?)

  2. Would there be value to have a Computer Project meeting? If the answer is yes, I would recommend covering: a) An overview of how the process will work in 2020, b) Q&A regarding projects (can be technical, with the reservation of taking complex questions offline for additional help), and c) brief presentation on planning technology projects and leadership.

  3. Does your youth have any questions or concerns about their project that I could be answering over email currently? If so, please ask me!

Again, please take some time to read over the new Judging Information and provide the resources to your youth(s). We are excited to see what everyone is building, and I think we have an opportunity to create some great projects!

Thank you!


Tippecanoe County 4-H