Family Email #3: IMPORTANT - Steps for Computer Judging

Hello families!

We are in the home stretch! I have some additional tasks that all of you need to complete before July 10.

  1. July 10 is the last day to submit all non-animal projects to FairEntry. This deadline includes the Computer Project. Please ensure that you have uploaded and finalized your entries by then, else we will not have anything to judge!

  2. Your member(s) need to fill out their digital Record Sheet. Instead of submitting a Word document or a scanned copy, I have created an online survey to collect the Record Sheets. Please fill them out as completely as possible. The location of the survey is here:

    (Link provided in email message.)

    NOTE: I know there is a place to upload a Record Sheet in FairEntry. This survey replaces the need for an uploaded copy. Thank you!

  3. OPTIONAL If you wish to demonstrate your project to the judge, please continue reading items 3-1 and 3-2 below.

    1. We have established a Doodle poll so that you can reserve a 15 minute time for your demonstration. Please fill out an entry at the following link so that we know when to expect you. Out of respect for our judge’s time, please try to consume slots early in the day, so we are not unnecessarily holding them because of gaps between early sessions and later ones.

      (Link provided in email message.)

      Please enter your member’s name and select a time. Previously selected time slots will appear grayed out. If you have multiple members, you may need to visit this site numerous times to enter each person. 

    2. On Monday, July 13, we will run a Zoom meeting where members will individually showcase their project to the judge. I will also be attending the meeting in a supervisory capacity, but I will not discuss results with the judge until final decisions have occurred.

      When you enter the meeting, you will start in the “waiting room.” Please wait patiently while we prepare for your presentation. We recommend connecting to the meeting 5 minutes before your scheduled time to ensure you can join, and we can keep things moving along if we happen to be running early. You are more than welcome to share your screen or guide the judge through any activities as a part of the demonstration. There is no requirement to have 15 minutes’ worth of content! If you cannot join via computer, we are providing a phone bridge that you can call into and discuss your project.

      (Meeting information provided in email message.)

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns with completing your Record Sheet or signing up for a judging slot, please contact me directly! I am more than happy to help! As always, please continue checking the project web site for up to the minute information:

Thank you so much for your patience this year! We are super excited to see all of the creative ideas and solutions your members have devised! Corey

Tippecanoe County 4-H